Tools for general usage

Represent a group of filters that can be used to narrow the displayed data to a more specific frame, which would better benefit the needs of the user. You can use these specific filters, which will be detailed below, to select a specific date range and to group the data according to your needs, or you can filter by IP Address or even by version.

Filters Bar
Filters Bar

Depending on the user's role in the application, all these settings will be automatically saved in the Database, thus every time you open the specific application, the last combination of filters will be applied automatically. This is applicable to the owner of the application or any team member who has Read & Edit or Administrator permissions inside the application.

Date Picker

Filter for narrowing data to a specific date range manually or by using presets

Date Grouping

Filter for grouping the displayed data in a specific date range

IP Filter

Filter based on the IP Address of people who install your packages

Version Filter

Filter for displaying data according to specific versions of your package

Version Grouping

Filter for grouping the available package versions