Private API Routes

For each Installer Analytics view, we have a couple of API routes. We're going to list them below:

docsPlease note that you will have to replace YOUR_APP_ID with your application ID that you can find in the App Settings view -> Tracking Code.

docsPlease also note that you have to be authenticated to use the routes below. If you just want to test our API, you can use our Demo App's tracking code 000000000000000000000000 that doesn't require authentication.

Installs (GET request)

Versions (GET request)

Custom Properties (GET request)

User Base (GET request)

Exceptions (GET request)

Environment (GET request)

Software (GET request)

Geographic (GET request)

Prerequisites (GET request)

Launch Conditions (GET request)

Uninstall Survey (GET request)

Launch (GET request)

docsPlease note that all routes above can and should be filtered. Accessing the routes above without any filter will only display the most recent 10 results. You can visit this page to learn how.