Date Picker

This tool allows you to filter the available data by displaying only a well defined date range. It is available on every data view of Installer Analytics. You have the option to select one of the available presets or you can define your own custom date range.

Date Picker Image

Date Picker

You can choose from one of the following options:

  • Last 7 days (the default option; calculated as 'current day - 7 days', resulting in one week of data)
  • Last 30 days (calculated as 'current day - 30 days', resulting in approximately one month of data)
  • Last 90 days (calculated as 'current day - 90 days', resulting in approximately three months of data)
  • Last 180 days (calculated as 'current day - 180 days', resulting in approximately six months of data)
  • Last 365 days (calculated as 'current day - 365 days', resulting in approximately one year of data)
  • All (will display all data of your application, resulting in a date range from 01 January 2016 to the current day)
  • Custom (a custom date range which you can select by using the provided calendar)

The predefined options are available on click while the custom range needs to be manually selected and applied using the 'Apply' button. Afterwards, the current view will be refreshed with the new data.

Date Picker Presets Image

Date Picker Presets

Date Picker Custom Image

Date Picker Custom Range