Unfortunately, like any other software application, Installer Analytics has a couple of limitations of its own. We're going to cover them here:

  • You cannot modify your account's email address from inside the Web Application. If you really need to do so, please contact us here.
  • You also cannot transfer one of your private applications from one account to another. Instead, you should use the Team Management functionality to invite other users to your application, this way allowing them to view its reports or even modify certain aspects of it, depending on their role. If you still want to transfer the application altogether, please contact us here.
  • In any view that you may have selected, you cannot view more than one application at a time. We have planned to allow the user to select multiple applications in order to view their data side-by-side but momentarily it is not possible.
  • You cannot display the data from any view on multiple columns. If, for example, you have a large screen that allows plenty of data to be displayed, you can use the Display Density feature. We plan to add this functionality in the future so stay tuned. The latest changes and improvements can be seen on the Product changelog page or by using the What Changed link from inside the Web Application.
  • To obtain the correct data for any view, Installer Analytics requires the target machine to have an active internet connection. To make it more clear, your users need to have an active internet connection when they install or uninstall your package. Thus, you should check the 'Run only if an active Internet connection is found' Launch Condition in your Advanced Installer project. Otherwise, you can end up having pretty confusing data, not knowing how it got there. For example:
    • One of your users installs your package on a virtual machine. It gets shown to you as an install, thus you have one user. If he reverts to a previous checkpoint in time, that package will no longer be able to be uninstalled. Thus, you will have that user forever in your reports.
    • Similar to the example above, and also regarding virtual machines but not limited to, if the user installs the package while not having internet access and later uninstalls it while having internet access, you will end up with an uninstall and no installs, thus you will have -1 user. It's a way you can get a negative number of users.
  • A new feature was added to the Geographic view which also displays the uninstall location. Unfortunately, it is not backward compatible, thus nothing will be shown in the 'Uninstalls' section if you select a range before May 18th, 2021.