Is a base view, designed to help you keep track of your users' machines. It provides a variety of sections, detailing some critical aspects of your users' machines, like what OS they use, what GPU they have, how much physical memory, and so on. Knowing this information can help you improve your application by focusing on specific aspects rather than trying to cover all possible scenarios.

Every time your application is installed, these sections will be populated with data from the machine on which it was installed.

You can find a demo of this view by using the following link:

Environment View
Environment View
Environment View

docsPlease note that all the data displayed in these sections refer to unique users. For example, if a user installs your application, uninstalls and reinstalls it, you will only see one in each of the sections instead of two, as there are basically two separate installs, but they come from the same user. Installer Analytics knows that he has already installed so it will not duplicate the data.

OS Distribution

What type of OS do your users have?

Windows Versions

What OS version do your users have?

Platform Type

What architecture do your users have?

Physical Memory

How much physical memory do your users have?

Graphics Adapter

What GPU do your users have?

Screen Resolution

What monitors do your users have?

MSI Version

What version of MSI do your users have?

User Language

What language do your users use on their OS?

DPI Scale

How much scaling do your users need?