Custom Properties

Represents a view of Installer Analytics that can display any Windows Installer property and its value. You can define any property in your Advanced Installer project, be it public or private, to be displayed in Installer Analytics. These tracked properties and their values will be shown in three different tabs, depeding on the state of installation process:

  • Installs tab - contains data for the properties tracked during the installation process
  • Custom Properties - Installs Tab
    Installs Tab
  • Uninstalls tab - contains data for the properties tracked during the uninstallation process
  • Custom Properties - Uninstalls Tab
    Uninstalls Tab
  • Maintenance tab - contains data for the properties tracked during the maintenance process, that contains Repair and Modify actions from Control Panel
  • Custom Properties - Maintenance Tab
    Maintenance Tab

You can take a glimpse at our Demo App to see for yourself how this view might look like here.

Each tab is composed of a multitude of cards. Each install, uninstall or maintenance operation that one of your users undergoes will result in a card in the corresponding tab. Since each operation will generate a set of distinct values for your tracked properties, it is natural to have them displayed in a card structure, thus you'll know that all values of your properties are linked to the same process. Basically, an install has the following structure:

  • Data is grouped inside a card
  • All your defined properties are shown with their values
  • The card also shows when the install was made
  • The card shows the location of the install
  • The card shows on which OS the install was made
Custom Properties - Installs Card
Installation Card
Custom Properties - Unistalls Card
Uninstallation Card
Custom Properties - Maintenance Card
Maintenance Card

In order track a property, you have to:

  • Open your Advanced Installer project
  • Go to the Analytics tab
  • Add properties in the Custom Properties table from the 'Report installation data' section using the 'Add' button
Custom Properties - Advanced Installer
Advanced Installer - Add Custom Properties

docsPlease note that installs/uninstalls/maintenance cards cannot be filtered by properties at the moment. It is an implementation that will arrive shortly.

docsPlease note that property value history is not supported at this moment. The value of each property will be the last one that each property has gained. If the value wasn't modified at all, the default value will be displayed. If the default value is null, the view will show an empty cell.

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