An application is the most basic element of the Installer Analytics Web App which can be used by a user. Without it, you simply cannot use the features of the product, regardless of the fact that you have an account or not.

The application is the one that "makes the connection" between your installation package and the Installer Analytics account so that you can see data regarding specific installation packages. You can learn how to link an Installer Analytics application to your package by reading this article.

It is responsible for storing all your packages' installation data and displaying it in a manner that is easy to understand. The data it presents is separated into multiple views depending on everyone's needs, being also easy to filter using the Tools for general use.

In the following pages, we're going to talk about the types of applications one can have, how they can be used or be assigned to different accounts.

Private Applications

Learn how private applications work and how they can be used and by whom

Public Applications

Learn how public applications work and how they can be used and by whom

Demo App

Learn how our special application can help you begin your journey with Installer Analytics

Manually Import Applications

Learn how you can manually import a public application

Automatically Import Applications

Learn how you can automatically import an application using Advanced Installer